Augustins no 21 (ENG)

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Augustins no. 21   is a dress, which will fit into any timeless wardrobe, with its classic shape and softly draped fit. The laced panels at the sleeves and skirt brings a nostalgic feel to the design, which compliments the simplicity of the construction. 


Size : a (b) c (d) e (f) g (h). 
Your bust circumference  : 80 (90) 100 (110) 120 (130) 140 (150) cm. 
Full length, measured CF below the neckline :105 (106) 107 (108) 109 (110) 111 (112) cm. 
Positive ease : This dress has a positive ease of approximately 10 cm, depending on your bust circumference. When you’re deciding which size to knit, choose the one which corresponds to your own actual bust circumference.

Gauge : 10 sts x 14 rows = 10 x 10 cm in Stockinette Stitch, after being washed.
Needle size : Circular needles 8 + 9 + 10 mm ( 40 / 60 / 80 cm).
Yarn : The dress is knitted with 2 types of yarn held together.
1st thread: Double soft merino, Knitting for Olive (125 m pr 50g).
2nd thread: Soft silk mohair, Knitting for Olive (225 m pr 25g).
Amount : 
1st thread: 400 (450) 500 (550) 600 (650) 700 (700) g.
2nd thread: 125 (125) 150 (150) 175 (175) 200 (200) g. 
Other : Thin elastic band (approx 2 mm) for the waist and sleeves. To ensure the right shape and fit of the dress, it is important to insert the elastic band.  
Work : The dress is knitted top-down in the round in Stockinette Stitch, with finishing i-cord edges. At the bottom of the skirt and sleeves,  laced panels are knitted. The sleeves are puffy and in full length. To make the dress more fitted and draped, a thin elastic band is inserted from the WS into the i-cord edge of each of the sleeves and at the waist.