Here, you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. "How will I receive the knitting pattern?"
A download link for the digital pattern(s) which you've bought, will automatically be sent to your provided email adress, directly after purchase. 
The download link will be valid for 3 downloads - therefore, be sure to save your pattern(s) after download. 
www.augustins.dk is not responsible for re-sending the pattern(s) when the download limit has been reached. 

2. "What if I find an error within a pattern?"
Though each pattern has been thoroughly profread and test knitted, errors tend to occur. If you believe you've found something within the pattern which need to be corrected, please contact augustinsknitwear@gmail.com.

3. "Will Augustins provide knitting support?"
Though we wish we could help each of you with any given question you might have regarding a pattern, we unfortunately don't have the time to do so.
We strive to keep the instructions within each pattern as elaborate and well written as needed, and we hope you'll find them sufficiant enough.
Please therefore note, that knitting related questions will be ignored.  
Instead, we recommend browsing www.youtube.com if in need of a specific instruction towards a knitting technique.

4. "Which languages are the patterns available in?"
All patterns will be available in a Danish and English version. Should you accidentally have boughtwrong version, please contact augustinsknitwear@gmail.com.

5. "I'm having trouble downloading my purchased pattern, or haven't received it yet?"
Sometimes, the email with the download link tend to end up within the spamfilter. Therefore, be sure to check this before contacting augustinsknitwear@gmail.com.

6. "Am I allowed to share, resell or reproduce the pattern or physical garments knitted from the pattern?"
No. The pattern is for private use only. Do not reproduce, resell or share the pattern in any way.  Please notice that you are not allowed to sell any items knitted from the pattern either.

7. "What are the Terms and Conditions of sale, digital files?"
- There is no right of cancellation towards digital products, cf. the Danish Sale of Goods Act.