The general terms and conditions,

should you wish to apply for any of the upcoming Augustins testknits. 




Firstly, it is of great importance for me to state, that Augustins is a safe and non-discrim- inating space, where all sizes, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities and handicaps are warmly and equally welcomed. Discrimination is not tolerated and will be met accordingly. 


You will find, that the written patterns are all gender neutral in language and pronouns, and as the designer, i will always help and encourage you to apply changes to the fit of your version, to meet your personal requirements.


Whether you are new to knitting, or have been doing it for years, I greatly appriciate your help with the pattern, as it will bring me a wholesome view on its instructions. Therefore, please don't hesitate to apply to any of the testknitting calls, no matter what level you're at - all will be equally considered.



Knitting is in its essence, a source of calmness and warmth - and so, to me, the most im- portant thing is, that your test knitting project becomes a joyous and stress free process, where you can create the garment in your own pace.

To meet this, I have chosen to work with open knitting deadlines, meaning that I will not set a fixed date, where a garment must be completed by. Instead, I will only set a time frame to finish the project within, which are as follows:


For larger pieces such as dresses, skirts, sweaters etc, the time frame is set to 6 months, whilst smaller projects, such as accessories and interior has a time frame of 3 months.


However, in order for me to be able to make my designs as good as can be, I will be needing your opinions qualified estimations. For this, I have set up a short set of questions, which must be answered no later than 2 weeks before the stated publishing deadline of the pattern. When you have handed this in, I will not be needing any further info, as I have a technical reader going over each Augustins pattern as well.



For test knitting projects, Augustins collaborates with some of the leading Scandinavian yarn companies, to ensure that you as a test knitter, receive the yarn free of charge.

The yarn you use for the test knit, will be the same type, as stated within the pattern - however, you will be able to choose which colour(s) you wish to knit the project in.

Social Media

The test knitting project must be featured at least 2 times on your Instagram page, during the set 3-6 months timeframe. This can either be in a post, Reel or a Story - for this, your profile must be open, so that other knitters from our community can be inspired by your project. 



The call for testknitters will be made on a Friday, and all messages will be read no sooner than the following Monday. 

Please note, that Augustins usually gets between 500-750 applications for each testknitting round - and although I would love to answer you all individually, I sadly do not have the time to do so, as a small business owner. I hope for your understanding on this, and please know that I greatly appreciate all applications 🤎 Instead, I will post a message in my Story Monday evening, to let you know that the testing team has been found.